SDG Goal 14 : Life Below Water

Careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of sustainable future. However of the current time, there is a continuous deterioration of coastal waters owing to pollution and ocean acidification is having an adversarial effect on the functioning of ecosystems and biodiversity.

If the sea damaged, the population of the flora and fauna will decrease. The decrease of the number of flora and fauna in the ocean will affect the number of resources that are available in the ocean and will have a negative impact on fishermen that reducing the stocks of seafoods in the market. The income from traders or fish sellers will decrease, also consumer demand may not be fulfilled.

Apart from marketing, a damaged marine ecosystem will reduce the beauty of the sea as a tourist place. This damage will also reduce income from tourism because the sea can also be an asset for an area to be visited by visitors when holiday.

The solution that we can do is alw…

Analitical Exposition

The Effects of Youtube           Nowadays, it is not strange for everyone with ‘Youtube’. Youtube is an application that we can use to watch videos, also to upload a video that we have made by ourselves. Youtube of course raises the pros and cons from some people. Youtube also not only has a positive impact but also the negatives.
          Many people use youtube with different interests. Youtube can be used to search for knowledge because nowadays, there are a lot of education that use youtube media as a facility to provide the materials. Also some people are using youtube only for entertainment. Especially, the children who already had a phone, they can use their phone to watch videos from youtube whenever they want. Usually, children are searching for games or movie in youtube. There are a lot of youtubers that can be inspired the children to make a work on youtube. It means, youtube can be a place to develop innovation and creativity of the younger generation.
          Beside t…

Invitation Letter Analysis

27 Appletree Orchard
Nov. 11, 2012

Dear Priyanka,
We have much pleasure in inviting you to the 21st Birthday Party which we are organising for our son, Rahul, at 6.30 p.m. on November 20th at our residence.
We very much hope you will be able to come.

Your Sincerely,
R. Vaidyanathon

1. Purpose : To invite Priyanka to Vaidyanathon’s son, Rahul Birthday Party
2. Salutation : “Dear Priyanka”
3. Contain : “We have much pleasure in inviting you to the 21st Birthday Party which we are organising for our son, Rahul..”
4. Date, time, place : 6.30 p.m. on November 20th at Vaidyanathon’s residence
5. No signature

Formal Invitation Letter

KEBAYORAN CITY INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Jl. Kebayoran Baru No.64, Jakarta Selatan, Telp (021) 74823510, Fax (021) 5845 2051 3974 January 14th 2018 To all 12th grader parents Subject : Invitation for Parents Meeting
       As a beginning of new school year, We would like to explain some information for all of 12th grader parents about school activity that must be follow by 12th grade students. This meeting will give some information about the School Examination, Practical Exam, National Examination, SNMPTN, and SBMPTN.       The purpose of this meeting is to tell parents what activities that the students will do, and for the better preparation.      The Parents Meeting will be held on :      Date           : Saturday, January 23rd 2018      Time          : 10.00 - 11.30 a.m.      Place          : Kebayoran High School Hall
Please confirm your attendance to the homeroom teacher before January 20th 2018. And we hope all 12th grader parents can attend this Parents Meeting. Thank you fo…

Debate Summary

MOTION : TH Ban Cigarettes
1. Opening government
Cigarettes give bad effect and can make disaster for earth like air pollution.

2. Opening opposition
Cigarettes can distract stressful. If someone wants to smoke without harming others, they can smoke privately. Also smoke is a culture for a teenager

3. Opening government
We can do any activities to distract stressful like singing and don’t use cigarettes. Private room still have air ventilation

4. Opening Opposition
Air pollution isn’t always about cigarretes, but also can caused by car

5. Closing government
Cigarettes can make weak generations for Indonesia and TH have to ban cigarettes slowly

6. Closing opposition
If TH ban cigarettes, it will be make larger effects such as,
more criminal
no more stress killer
and cigarettes also can make more income

MOTION : THW Ban Pornography
1. Opening government
If we watch pornography more often, we will want to do more and it will decrease our intelligent. The scientist said, the addiction to p…

Offers and Suggestion Conversation

K : Hi Athaya
A : Hi Kiani
K : There is an additional subject form yesterday. What major will you take?
A : I think i will take economy class
K : Why?
A : Because it helps the future more
K : How if you choose german class? You're good in german class.
A : I'm not sure about that. But i'll think about it again. How about you, ki?
K : I will choose economy class too.
A : Why?
What major will you take in the college?
K : I will take a business management class.
A : Wow that’s a good choice, but how if you take the technique? it is more suitable for you and you have passion there.
K : I seem to have more interest in business management school, but thanks for the suggestion.

Edu Passion 2018

Edu passion is a mission lane activity intended for students. In this Edu Passion activity many universities give presentations to explain about their respective colleges. The explanation is about the building, faculty, how to apply to be a student at the college, and others. Here is a video from my group when we interviewed 5 different colleges.